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Orthodontic Appliances

Appliances are used during various stages of the orthodontic process, either to retain the new position of teeth, or in some cases to influence the growth of the jaws for a better bite alignment. Appliances may be fixed or removable.

Types of Appliances

Removable Appliances

  • Retainers: Used after braces are removed to hold teeth in their new positions. You must wear your retainer as prescribed to prevent regression of your treatment.
  • Palatal Expander: Designed to widen your upper jaw, a palatal expander applies outward pressure on your upper molars to slowly expand your palate.
  • Spacers (Separators): Spacers are plastic rings that are inserted between back teeth before you have braces, providing space for your teeth to shift. If a spacer comes out, call our office to see if you need a replacement. Do not chew sticky foods with or floss teeth that have spacers in them.
  • Elastics (Rubber Bands): Rubber bands are used with fixed metal braces. They must be worn at all times and changed daily per our instructions.
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